Aurora Thermostat Installation & Repair

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Thermostats have the essential job of regulating indoor temperatures. Having a faulty thermostat can increase wear and tear on your HVAC system and create uneven temperatures throughout your home or business—we’re here to help.

At Befort Plumbing & Heating, our experts provide quality thermostat repairs, replacements, and installations in and around Aurora, CO. Whether you're looking to upgrade to a smart Wi-Fi model or repair an existing system, our technicians will go above and beyond your expectations!

Even the best thermostat can't maintain comfortable temperatures if you have an outdated air conditioner. If your unit is over 15 years old, an AC replacement might be long overdue!

Signs Your Thermostat Needs Repairs

If you're encountering any of the thermostat issues below, get in touch with our team at Befort Plumbing & Heating. We can have your system back up and running in no time. Depending on the extent of the damage and the age of your thermostat, we may recommend getting an upgrade if it's more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Inaccurate or Unresponsive System: If the indoor temperature doesn't seem to match your adjustments, it's time for repairs. Having a thermometer on your property can help you accurately assess your system's accuracy.
  • Thermostat Won't Turn On: Check that the system has power or working batteries first, but we can come to complete a full inspection if that doesn't work.
  • HVAC System Doesn't Turn On or Off: Thermostat wiring problems and other connection issues can prevent the signals created by your thermostat from reaching your HVAC components.
  • HVAC System Constantly Turns On and Off: Faulty thermostat calibration may cause your air conditioner or heater to turn on or shut down irregularly.

Making the Switch to a Smart Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are quickly becoming the standard across Colorado—why? Many home and business owners realize that making the simple change from an outdated unit to a newer model offers many benefits, such as:

  • Wireless, Wi-Fi, or smart controls and connections
  • Reliable and even temperature regulation
  • Efficient multi-zone heating and cooling
  • Minimal or automatic adjustments
  • Prolonged HVAC system lifespan

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